Avalanche shoots a single bullet which creates a plethera of white "snow" dirt upon impact. This snow dirt bounces around for several seconds before expanding and settling on the ground. Each ball will do 1 damage each time it hits the enemy tank. While it is impossible to count how many balls of snow Avalanche creates, the resulting levels of snow is enough to engulf enemy tanks in most situations


  • When angled correctly, Avalanche can score well over 100 points of damage. When the enemy tank is in trench or hole or is partially underground with at least 1 part of the tank above ground, the player will want to shoot avalanche so that it lands directly above or in front of the tank. This will cause each and every ball of snow to shoot out at the tank and cause repetitive 1 damage scores, adding up to (my personal record) 230 damage.
  • When shot underground, avalanche will not damage the player's tank.
  • If Avalanche lands on a flat surface, snow will shoot out in both directions and follow gravity until they expand and settle.
  • From most angles, the Tank will "ride" the snow, bouncing around until the snow settles. In these circumstances, Avalanche's total damage will be reduced  but will still cover most, if not all, of the tank in snow.