General information
Name: Pile Driver
Icon: Pile Driver
Pack: Standard
Types: damaging
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 1
Damage /piece: 20
Total damage: 20

Description Edit

Pile Drive is a single projectile weapon that create a small funnel-shaped crater at impact. The funnel is create by several small explosions, each of which will do a small amount of damage to any near tanks.

Tips Edit

  • Pile Driver Pile Driver + Bouncy Dirt Bouncy Dirt or Burning Rubber Burning Rubber can be used to reproduce Funnel.
  • Pile Driver can be a wise choice to use when covered with dirt, as it will not cause a large loss of points but will clear a decent amount of dirt. The downside to this usage is that the player's tank will be inside a funnel.
  • Pile Driver can be used to destroy terrain to prevent an enemy tank from advancing or retreating to a better position on the map.


Similar weapons Edit

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