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Corner Retreat is the defensive strategy of retreating the player's tank to the very edge of the map. The purpose of this strategy is to cause overpowered shots to go off screen, rendering 0 points, and to reduce the effectiveness of weapons that revolve or in some way utilize the space around a tank, like Super Star. This strategy is commonly used by players and can be devastating to players who are either unskilled in calculating accurate shots and to players who have not unlocked extra weapons packs.


  • Overpowered shots will exit the map and not take into effect, forcing the player to have to get direct shots or shoot short in order to damage your tank
  • Proximity weapons that utilize the space around the tank will be less effective. A few examples of these types of weapons include:
    • Super Star
    • Phantom
    • Pin Cushion
    • Fission Bomb
    • Ambush
    • Beehive
    • Laser Strike
    • Phase Missile
    • Cluster Bombs
  • If the terrain below the player's tank is damaged, it creates an angled cliff that makes it even more difficult to accurately hit the tank.
  • In the event that the enemy tank is unable to hit the player's tank, the player can discard his weapons by shooting his remaining weapons off screen, avoiding gaining points and taking damage. This is most useful when the player is winning.



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