General information
Name: Acid Rain
Icon: Acid Rain
Pack: Chaos
Types: damaging
triggers near
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 50
Damage /piece: 1
Total damage: 50

Description Edit

Acid Rain generates a green cloud that rains down 50 bullets, each which has a tiny explosion. Acid Rain will cease it's flight pattern when it is directly above an enemy target, drop straight down, then proceed to activate its attack.


  • Acid Rain is a great attack to start a battle with. A player may guess a higher power than they believe is neessary to ensure the hit.
  • Acid Rain will not damage the player's tank when deployed underground.
  • Acid Rain can chew through terrain. Because Acid Rain's cloud will rarely be perfectly on center, whatever bullets do not hit the enemy tank will damage the terrain to either side, typically making it impossible to traverse.

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