General information
Name: Ground Hog
Icon: Ground Hog
Pack: Standard
Types: damaging
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 1
Damage /piece: 50
Total damage: 50

Description Edit

Groundhog is a subterrestrial weapon that moves in a straight line in the angle at which it enters the ground.

Notes Edit

  • If the player wishes to shoot the groundhog like a normal weapon, it must be a direct hit. Missing by any distance will cause the bullet to travel through the ground until it reaches the bottom of the map or the edge of the screen
  • Advanced players can aim Groundhog so that it hits the bottom of the map directly below the enemy tank. While this can be considered a waste since Groundhog has many other capabilities, it does create a divot around the tank which can be utilized to better maximize damage for weapons like Hail Storm and Fire & Ice and others of the same type.

Similar weapons Edit

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