General information
Name: Power Grid
Icon: Power Grid
Pack: Power
Types: damaging
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 104
Damage /piece: 15
Total damage: 1560

Description Edit

Creates an array of particles over 360 degrees which spreads out and splits further. At it's maximum size, a total of 104 points are produced (assuming none hit any dirt), each of which can deal 15 damage.

Notes Edit

  • In reality, maximum achievable damage is closer to 120.
  • Try to shoot with less or more power that you would hit your target with so more particles will hit.

Weapon combinations Edit

  • It is theoretically possible to deal maximum damage with this weapon. In Practice Mode, you can try it out without difficulties.
    • Get the two tanks next to each other, as close as possible (try movement weapons).
    • Use Elevator Elevator. It should lift both tanks.
    • Use Bubble Wrap Bubble Wrap with 0 angle and power.
    • Use Power Grid Power Grid. It will deal around 1000-1500 damage.

Similar weapons Edit

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