General information
Name: Shelter
Icon: Shelter
Pack: Power
Types: defensive
bouncy dirt
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 4
Damage /piece: 0
Total damage: 0

Description Edit

Shelter creates a barrier surrounding the player's tank with bouncy dirt, then creating a shooting funnel at the angle of the tank's turrent. It deploys 4 circles of bouncy dirt that form a shelter around the tank with a narrow tunnel for the tank to shoot. The 4th circle has a higher density than the 3 previous circles, giving the shelter a "cleaner" shape.

Notes Edit

  • Very useful to avoid missiles until the enemy makes a clear shot.
  • Projectiles that hit within the funnel will bounce to the bottom and (in most cases) damage the tank. Any other shots will typically bounce off the outer shell.
  • If the player's tank has surrounding terrain, the deployed bouncy dirt will NOT overlap that terrain. The bouncy dirt will only settle in open air. The funnel, however, will still form, regardless of what terrain is present.

Similar weapons Edit

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