General information
Name: Shield
Icon: Shield
Pack: Tornado
Types: defensive
bouncy dirt
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 0
Damage /piece: 0
Total damage: 0

Description Edit

Creates a thin floating semi-circle of bouncy dirt around the direction with a little hole to shoot through. The estimated degree of the shield is 160°. Majority of missiles and bullets that hit this shield will bounce off.

Notes Edit

  • Very useful for avoiding missiles. It's harder and less effective for the enemy to make a clear shot than it is for Shelter.
  • Certain proximity weapons, like Super Star and Graviton, will activate before striking the shield.
  • The shield is an excellent counter for when a player's tank is pulled into a trench. In most cases, Shield will block the entire entry point, with exception to the shooting hole for the player.

Similar weapons Edit

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