General information
Name: Sprinkler
Icon: Sprinkler
Pack: Deluxe
Types: damaging
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 151
Damage /piece: 10
Total damage: 1560

Description Edit

Sprinkler shoots a single bullet that distributes 10 mini bullets at intervals during flight. Each mini bullet can do 10 damage, and up to 15 sets can be released, resulting in a max of 150 bullets with a potential of 1,500 damage. The original bullet will do 60 damage if it directly strikes the enemy tank.

Notes Edit

  • This weapon can cause friendly fire if any of the bullets strikes the player's tank. It is suggested that Sprinkler be used early in the game to avoid losing points from mini bullets falling back on the player's tank.
  • The higher the angle used when firing Sprinkler, the more damage it will do both at the targeted area and the original point. The lower the angle, the less likely Sprinkler's mini bullets will strike the attacking tank.
  • Due to the above note, Sprinkle can be a gamble to use. If it is used while the player has a score and it does not hit the target, it will be a loss for the player who uses it. If Sprinkler does hit the enemy tank, the player can expect to see a profit of around 60 points, give or take.
  • Sprinkler's damage can be maximized by protecting yourself with Shelter and sucessfully striking the enemy tank with a Funnel.

Similar weapons Edit

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